Z … Zzzz


One more year, one more A-Z blog series. It’s enough to make a man feel sleepy.

Many animals hibernate, I just take naps. Lots of them. Different kinds. The after-lunch nap, which could happen at any time of the day. The boring TV or movie nap, usually in the evening and usually as surreptitious as I can make it. The just-tired nap, which is curious because my brain sometimes does strange things; it puts the body to sleep before the brain and wakes the brain before the body. The effect is like having immovable limbs of lead. Apparently there is a protective measure in our hormonal glands which paralyses the vouluntary muscles while we sleep; this is an evolutionary advantage because it stops us from trying to go for walks, jump out windows or attack nearby people by acting out dreams. Sleepwalkers suffer from a weakness in this mechanism; I occasionally have a slight excess and I lie for a while wide awake but unable to move or talk. But that is by the way.

There are also potentially dangerous or embarrassing quasi-naps. Like the times on long, boring drives when I suddenly realize I don’t know where on the road I am. I once missed the only freeway exit for fifty miles; I missed it by fifty miles, a two-hour round-trip delay. If I had known after one mile that I’d missed it, that would have felt worse, but one hour of cursing myself was quite bad enough. Or the times when boss/teacher/old friend has been industriously furthering my education and I realize that while my eyes have been closed for a few minutes my ears have been off for an hour.

But now it is time for the annual A-to-Z-is-over nap. It’s been a good series, but now it’s over. The blog will continue, but without the alphabetical pattern. Hope some of you read it.

All for now, folks. Zzzz … zzzz … zzzz


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