D … Doggerel


A Nuclear Winter – remember that term?
And Malthusian Nightmare as well?
Population Explosion? The great Ozone Hole?
An Asteroid Impact? That’s swell!

AIDS or Ebola or the old Spanish Flu
[Could be Asian or Bird, for that matter];
The Soviet Threat, the dread Missile Gap,
The fears that our culture might shatter.

Armageddon is nigh, and the End of the World,
Stagflation? No, Hyper Inflation,
Pollution, those Russians and Red Revolution
All threaten the fall of our nation.

The Chinese are coming! Some Mexicans too!
[Their restaurants dens of subversion].
Middle East is on fire, Arab ‘gainst Jew,
And the Saudis at war with the Persians.

Oh the world is a mess, I confess. None the less,
We’re still here, still alive and still kicking.
We recover from failures, rejoice at success,
Dance to jazz, heels a-tap, fingers clicking.

Keep Cassandras at bay! Sure as night follows day
We’ll get through all our current disasters
The American way. Most will work, some will pray,
We’ll get by, for at that we’re past-masters.

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2 thoughts on “D … Doggerel”

  1. I love how eclectic your blog posts are! All that I’ve read have left me both impressed with your ability as a writer and with a smile at your sense of humor. Thanks for another great read!


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