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Life follows an uncertain path. I fully intended to write a serious blog post about the unnecessary violence that uglifies daily life; life, or chance, or karma took me elsewhere. I intended to use on-line nastiness as an example – there’s plenty of that about, we all know – and the thought struck me that there might already be a website devoted to viciousness, to meanness, to nastiness. So I invented a likely name and checked it out, just in case. I had no desire to say what might already have been better said, only to take a peek at what other thoughts on the subject might be floating around cyberspace.

The name I dreamt up was http://www.vicio.us. I typed it in, expecting to find something unpleasant. And to my surprise and delight I found … BEAUTY.

The site is apparently a commercial organization, offering web portfolio design services to artists and architects. The commercial message is so elegantly understated that I am not even sure it exists; perhaps the site exists as a public service, an example of pure artistry. How it came by its unlikely name, I have no idea. I do not wish to research it further [others might] for fear of bursting its little bubble of beauty. So here are some images from vicio.us for you all to enjoy. I hope I am not infringing anyone’s copyright; I copy to spread delight, not to plagiarise. And I thank the unknown artists who have brightened up my day.

And by the way, the acompanying text is all in Latin – there’s an unusual conceit if ever there was one!

vicio-buildings vicio-crag vicio-island vicio-mountains vicio-pillars



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