H … Huh?


Hype sells. Ask any carnival huckster you meet, hullabaloo pays off. Hoop-la helps it on its way. Sideshows, freakshows, whoop-de-diddly mock-heroics,hocus-pocus, .a haze of smoke and mirrors, hippy-hoppy tap-dancing away from or around the harshness of reality, hip-hip-hurrah a hundred times repeated – all help build hysteria, hamper thought, hijack the emotions and hide unpleasant facts.

Happiness here and now, even happier in the hereafter, a roll of drums, a clash of cymbals, a peal of trumpets, let the show commence! This blog will be huge, and I mean H-U-G-E, and all it needs is a big hand from you and it can start. Hellzapoppin, are you ready, here he comes, the great, and I mean G-R-E-A-T, Humpty-Dump himself.

Now hear ye this: …..

Huh? After all the build-up, no content in the blog? No meat in the sausage? Is it all hot air? Have we all been – dare I say it – had?

Holy hangover, I hate when that happens.


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