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Naturally, I am not really Khoti Sarque.  He is my evil virtual twin, the one who seizes my mind every instant that I start to write.  I am not responsible for his ravings; sadly, he is not responsible for anything at all.  So be it.

IP Doorman

Khoti has opinions, possibly unique to himself.  He claims that he “likes to see things done right”, which often means that he gets persnickety, vociferous, even obsessive over things and events which rational man would simply ignore.

He is not a Luddite.  He does not destroy machines.  He does, however, point out the deficiencies of machines which are already broken, or have been broken since their first conception, or are prone to foreseeable and avoidable breakage.

This twin of mine is a born liar.  Examine his words carefully before believing a single one of them.

Khoti Sarque claims to have been everywhere [but remember the previous paragraph].  He has frequently been asked to move on; that fact explains a lot.

Correct pronunciation of his name is important to my twin.  It is K as in king, silent H, O as in other, T as in tea, I as the ‘ei’ in eight; then SAR as you’d expect, QU like a ‘k’ and the E is silent.  Khoti adds, “This is not a hard-to-pronounce name like my brother Ghoti’s.  His is GH as in tough,O as in women and TI as in nation; so we always call him ‘Fish’.”

IP cuttysark

Welcome to the Universe and a few lesser things as seen from Khoti Sarque’s Lofty Perspective.

Episode #1 of possible 26 for Writers of Kern.

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